Frequently Asked Questions


Why food instead of a photography blog?

I admit it; I love photography and can talk it about for days on end. As I mentioned on the about page, through my photography I am constantly discovering new foods and drinks that I’ve never seen before. Like some people, I developed a habit of sticking with only the foods that I knew that I would like and it is time to change that.

There will be times where I will share some photography tips and of course if anyone has any questions about how I took a particular image, please feel free to leave a comment or drop me an email.

What kind of camera/lens do you use?

I use a Nikon D-3 with a variety lenses depending on the shot. For most food photography, my go to lens is the Nikkor 85mm.

Where do you get the inspiration for your meals?

Friends and family, restaurants, produce found at the store or farmers markets. Other times I might be inspired by other blogs and sometimes Pinterest. Just like with my photography, there is never just one influence. It all begins with the question, what if. Some foods/drinks I just want to photograph because they are so cool looking.

Do you use other peoples’ recipes on your blog?

While it would be great to think that every recipe that I’ll write about will be completely my own invention, the odds are against me.

When I do use a recipe from a book, blog, website, etc., I will always give that person or entity credit and a link if they have one.

Will you do sponsored posts?

At some point that is probably going to happen. When it does, a disclaimer will be at the head of the post. My opinions of that product will be my own.

Will you use names of brands that aren’t sponsored?

Yes. There are some recipes that I make that I’ll suggest using a particular brand/product. That is based solely on my opinion of that brand/product. Anytime a brand/product is paying to be mentioned, that will be stated clearly.

Can I use your photo or recipe on my blog?

Thank you for asking.

  1. Photos – Yes. Credit the photos with a link back to the recipe post.
  2. Recipe – Yes. Credit the recipe with a link back to the post.

Do you have a background in food?

I have no culinary training at all; I’m simply a food photographer who loves food.

Do you cook everything yourself?

Whenever possible, I do try to prepare the food/drink myself. If I use a premade item or have someone else prepare it, they will get the credit.

What do you do with all the leftovers?

We eat lots of leftovers. We also share food/drinks with neighbors or friends.

What’s your favorite food?

My favorite has to be barbecue pork, although I am torn between a Memphis or Kansas City style sauce. My quest for my favorite barbecue sauce/rub will be a life-long quest. For anyone who wants to suggest a sauce/rub recipe, please do so. It will be appreciated.

Can I email you?

Absolutely. Drop me an email.

Comment Policy

Please do so. All I ask is that any comment made be family friendly. I will remove offensive, inappropriate, or generally rude comments.