My name is Steve and I am a professional food and beverage photographer living in the San Francisco bay area. I was born in the south where my family stretches from the hills of Tennessee to the Savannah river in Georgia. We were a meat and potatoes family where barbecue was more than just a way of cooking.

When I moved out to northern California almost a decade ago and met my better half, her family introduced me to a whole different world of food. One side of her family comes from the Basque region and the other from Spain. Mix in the in-laws born and raised in California and their family recipes are many and diverse. Much more than what I was used to.

Since switching from product photography to food photography I became exposed to a lot more foods that I had never seen or eaten before. While I have truly enjoyed photographing all these wonderful looking meals and beverages, I rarely get the chance to actually eat the food or taste the drinks. This is mainly due to the limited time we have on the set or the tricks of the trade that are used by stylists in order for the food or beverage to look great for long periods of time.

So I’ve decided that I am going to change this. This blog will be my journey from just taking the pictures of food into discovering new drinks and foods. Every so often I’ll throw in some of my families long time favorites along with some of the Spanish, Basque and Californian dishes that have been added to my life.

I will make sure to include the recipes when I can and occasionally throw in a tip or two on how to photograph food so that it looks as amazing as it tastes.